Eric Losh

Author & Illustrator of "Wonders of the Annamites"

ERIC LOSH is an art director, illustrator and wildlife conservationist from the United States. He has a BFA in Graphic Design from West Virginia University and an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. 

Losh's mission is to use his artwork and storytelling to inspire and educate viewers around the world about the beauty and importance of wildlife and wild places. He has worked with several educational, research and conservation-based non-profit organizations from around the globe to bring their projects to life through branding, posters, books and more.

In his latest work, "Wonders of the Annamites", Losh has teamed up with Project Anoulak, a Laos-based conservation non-profit run by Camille Coudrat, PhD. Together, they've combined their shared interests in conservation and art to develop a children's book that will be used in Laos and Vietnam to educate about the importance of local forests and wildlife. The book has editions in English/French (Project Anoulak), English/Lao (Project Anoulak), and English/Vietnamese (Nha Nam Publishing). Available for sale here in English, proceeds from sales of the book will further benefit Project Anoulak's conservation mission. 

Losh has also written and illustrated “The Chorus of Kibale,” a children’s book about primates and other rain forest wildlife of Kibale National Park in Uganda.

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Eric Losh in Danum Valley, Malaysian Borneo, 2015

Eric Losh in Danum Valley, Malaysian Borneo, 2015